Terje Oestigaard

Welcome to my homepage! (Last updated 8 March 2019)

I am an archaeologist, researcher and Docent at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Sweden. Since 2006, I have worked particularly with the Nile basin countries and conducted fieldworks in Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Previous to my research in Africa, I conducted contemporary and archaeological fieldworks in Bangladesh, Greece, Jordan, India, Nepal, Palestine as well as in Scandinavia.

My general research approach has been interdisciplinary and comparative, working in collaboration with other researchers and programmes. I have mainly focused on three research fields:

First, water studies with the aim of understanding the role of water in history, society and civilization, with a particular emphasis on comparative religion in changing environments.

Second, death rituals, cremations and how death has structured societies, which is also linked to water and life-giving processes and how these are incorporated into myths, cosmology and mortuary cults.

Third, material culture studies, which is a distinct field of research but also including the other areas of research.