Terje Oestigaard

Welcome to my homepage! (Last updated 10.01.2022)

I am an archaeologist, researcher and Docent at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Sweden.


In the period 2006-2019, I worked mainly with the Nile basin countries and conducted fieldworks in Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Previous to my research in Africa, I conducted contemporary and archaeological fieldworks in Bangladesh, Greece, Jordan, India, Nepal, Palestine as well as in Scandinavia.

After several years with a primary focus abroad, I have returned to Scandinavian archaeology, Indo-European questions and the fascinating and rich empirical world in the north, which includes Nordic ethnology and its relevance for archaeology. My recent works include:

The Magic of Death: Corpsepower and Indo-Europeanisation in Late Bronze Age Sweden (2022).


(with Anders Kaliff) Werewolves, Warriors and Winter Sacrifices: Unmasking Kivik and Indo-European Cosmology in Bronze Age Scandinavia (2022):


Vinter og vår i vannets verden: Arkeologi om økologi og jordbrukskosmologi (2021):


(with Anders Kaliff) The Great Indo-European Horse Sacrifice: 4000 Years of Cosmological Continuity from Sintashta and the Steppe to Scandinavian Skeid (2020):


(with Anders Kaliff) Likbrud og dødsbryllup – sjelen, sykdommer og oldnordiske gravskikker (2020):

Cover OPIA69

Håga and King Björn’s Mound, Uppsala, Sweden, 2019.

Håga 2019.jpg

5 thoughts on “Terje Oestigaard

  1. Dr Oestigaard
    The wrong pdf of your The Magic of Death: Corpsepower and Indo-Europeanisation in Late Bronze Age Sweden
    Instead it downloads the fine work on gazelles in Egyptian art in the publication series .
    Could the correct book be uploaded or could you send me a pdf to my academic email?
    Finally, I have all your works also in print . Can you tell me if this is available and your recent Vinter book? I can’t find them on eddy.se.ab
    My thanks
    Jayc Sedlmayr PhD

    • Dear Jayc,

      Thanks for your email and notice and sorry for a bit late replay. I have checked and it should work now, and I am grateful if you give me a notice if it doesn’t work. The book was sent to print on Monday and it will arrive at Eddy’s on 25 January. The Winter book was printed in a very small number and therefore not on sale, but I have some few copies left (though with a small mistake in the print), but if you would like and if you send me your address, I can send you one copy in the mail.

      Cheers, Terje

      • Thank you Terje
        Yes. It downloads fine now and I’ve begun pouring over it. It’s an incredibly important work much as your global works on the religious and ritual centrality of water and your work with Dr Kaliff (the great American horse sacrifice has been extremely useful). I really appreciate the multidisciplinary and comparative approach of your research which is very rare today ).
        Anyway, my address is :
        2016 Burgundy St
        New Orleans , LA 70116
        I have a print copy of the werewolf book I’ve been reading through I bought off of eddy and it will be nice to have a print copy of your most recent work which feels like an important theoretical synthesis of core Indo-European religion and ritual that I hope becomes well known.
        Peace , Jayc

      • Hi again and thanks a lot for your comments and positive feedback!- and I will send a copy of my latest book too when it comes, I am told next week, adn then I cross my fingers that teh regular post across the sea works well. Have a great day! /terje

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