Terje Oestigaard

Welcome to my homepage! (Last updated 17.10.2022)

I am an archaeologist, researcher and Docent at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Uppsala University, Sweden.


In the period 2006-2019, I worked mainly with the Nile basin countries and conducted fieldworks in Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Previous to my research in Africa, I conducted contemporary and archaeological fieldworks in Bangladesh, Greece, Jordan, India, Nepal, Palestine as well as in Scandinavia.

After several years with a primary focus abroad, I have returned to Scandinavian archaeology, Indo-European questions and the fascinating and rich empirical world in the north, which includes Nordic ethnology and its relevance for archaeology. My recent works include:

Bronsålderns Håga. Fornlämningar, fynd och förbindelser. Ojala, K. & Østigård, T. (red.). 2022.


Sacrifice: Theories and Rituals in Nepal (2022).


The Magic of Death: Corpsepower and Indo-Europeanisation in Late Bronze Age Sweden (2022).


(with Anders Kaliff) Werewolves, Warriors and Winter Sacrifices: Unmasking Kivik and Indo-European Cosmology in Bronze Age Scandinavia (2022):


Håga and King Björn’s Mound, Uppsala, Sweden, 2019.

Håga 2019.jpg

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